3 Unique Dining Experiences to Try During Your Florida Getaways


When you’re looking for activities in Sanibel Island, it’s easy to think of taking a boat tour, beachcombing for shells, and spending your time near the water while staying with Sanibel Vacations. One must not forget about the fantastic food that is offered around Sanibel Island, as we know that everyone loves to overindulge during their family Florida getaways! While there are many delicious Sanibel Island restaurants to take advantage of nearby, there are also many unique dining experiences you should check out as well during your stay— here are a few of our favorites!



Murder Mystery Dinner Train

Attention everyone! There’s been a murder in Sanibel Island, and you have to solve the mystery, are you up for the challenge? Step aboard the Murder Mystery Dinner Train that departs from Colonial Station where you’ll have the opportunity to help to solve a live-action murder mystery while on the Seminole Gulf Railway. Not only will you have the time of your life watching actors run through the train in a panic doing a scene by scene live-action play, but you’ll also indulge in a five-course dinner throughout the ride. Take time to indulge in the prime rib, but don’t forget to pay attention and write down the clues that the actors occasionally drop throughout the ride because there’s a murder to solve, and you’re their only hope! The Murder Mystery Dinner Train will be one of your favorite activities in Sanibel Island during your stay, so be sure to add it to your list of things to do in Florida!


The Island Cow

Bring the herd to The Island Cow where you’ll be sure to have an utterly good time with your family as you check out the tropical dining atmosphere during your Florida getaways! Arrive early as The Island Cow this is a favorite spot to hit by the locals, and for a good reason! If you sit indoors, you’ll be able to talk about the silly decor hung on the walls while enjoying classic American eats. During a hot summer day sit outside at the tiki bar where you’ll be able to relax with a frozen concoction with an umbrella to boot! They provide outdoor games like bean bag toss for those traveling with kids, colorful lawn chairs to lounge in, or one of the many patio tables where you can listen to live music on the weekends! No matter where you post up, this will quickly become one of your favorite Sanibel Island restaurants!


The Bubble Room

Upon walking into The Bubble Room in Captiva Island, you’ll first notice the kitschy decor along with Christmas decorations… that’s right; we said Christmas! It’s Christmas all year round at The Bubble Room, and who doesn’t smile when they see bright Christmas lights all around! The second thing you’ll notice is that the servers are wearing boy scouts-like uniforms and refer to themselves as bubble scouts! The restaurant features over 35 hundred antiques, three floors, and pictures hung up on the walls that are 30’s and 40’s Hollywood themed, running trains and fish tanks! You will not have an opportunity to be bored at this unique restaurant! The desserts are the show stealers here, so be sure to grab a slice of award-winning house-made cake to go!


Fun Florida Getaways

The best part about Sanibel Island is that you don’t necessarily need to have a plan to have a great time during your Florida getaways, but it sure does help keep things in order! With so many activities in Sanibel Island, you’ll want to be sure to get in everything that you can during your stay. Lucky for you, our Sanibel Island rentals are located in the heart of all the adventure. After indulging in the Sanibel Island restaurants, stretch your legs using the toys from SBL Outfitters, our sister company that will hook you up with kayaks, standup paddleboards, and bikes to use during your stay! Our staff is eagerly awaiting your arrival for your family getaways, all you have to do is call to make your reservation—1-239-579-0348!