Beach Activities to Try This Spring

As the days become longer and the sun shines even brighter over our beautiful sandy paradise at Sanibel Vacations, we know it’s a must to be near the Sanibel Island beaches during those hot summer days! Spend time discovering the pristine sandy beaches, grilling near the waterfront or just bathing in the shores of the gulf coast while on your family vacations! Before making plans, don’t forget first to check out our sister company SBL Outfitters, as they have many affordable recreational toys to rent during your stay! Get ready, as we take you through some of our favorite activities to do on the Sanibel Island beaches!

Spend a Day on the Water

As we mentioned, we are partnered with SBL Outfitters, giving you the convenience of renting bicycles, standup paddleboards, and kayaks at the most affordable prices on the island, which includes free delivery to boot! Explore the gulf coast with a Sanibel Island kayaking adventure on the shores of Bowman’s Beach. This local beach offers a launch site and is only minutes away from our Sanibel Island rentals. Bring along your binoculars as you step onto your standup paddleboard to do some birding while on the water! You’ll spot roseate spoonbills, pelicans, blue heron, terns, among other forms of wildlife while on the waters nearby the Sanibel Island beaches!

Sanibel Stoop

As you walk along the Sanibel Island beaches, you may notice many people bent over walking along the beach as though they have a back injury. No, they’re not in pain, they’re browsing over the fascinating shells on the island, and the activity is known as the Sanibel Stoop! As you walk along the Sanibel Island beaches looking for clam, tulip, conch and even scallop shells nearby our Sanibel Island vacation rentals, don’t forget to bring along a bucket as you discover hundreds of different types of shells! For those with an artistic eye and want to know more, check out the mesmerizing shells at Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum.  

Picnic on the Beach

When you’re looking to get away from the busy city life, head to Bowman’s Beach, a quiet place that offers a peaceful day away from the buildings. You’ll walk into a secluded atmosphere as you make your way over the bridge to the beautiful white sandy beaches! Plan a day to swim and have a barbeque as many grills, and picnic tables are located here. Your family can enjoy the many nature trails located nearby or hop on your Sanibel Island bike rentals from SLB outfitters to explore the paths! There are many Sanibel Island restaurants to enjoy near our Sanibel rentals, but we promise you can’t beat a day grilling in the sun next to the gulf shores!

Private Sanibel Island House Rentals

Wake up every morning with a beautiful sunrise over the Sanibel Island beaches, and you’ll also be within walking distance of the gulf shores from your Sanibel Island rentals. We provide private lodging with stunning bayfront views so that you’re able to hear the lapping waves from your balcony. When you’re looking for a few nights, stay our Sanibel Island condo rentals will be perfect for your summer vacations and will give you the ideal access to the beach! For more extended stays, browse through our Sanibel Island house rentals to see what best suits your getaway! Our friendly staff is ready to help you plan your visit give us a call at 1-239-579-0348!