The Direct Approach to Vacation Booking | The Advantages of Booking Direct

You just booked the wrong date for your Sanibel Island vacation on a third-party travel agency website, now what? Chances are you’ll end up paying hefty fees and spend hours talking with someone from a call center trying to get a resolution to the problem. Don’t waste time getting sucked into those pesky third-party booking sites that claim to save you more money and give you the best deals. Direct booking with Sanibel Vacations will allow you to choose the perfect location and vacation rental, speak directly with a staff member if you have any questions, and receive the best rates guaranteed. Here are the top three reasons why you must book direct when planning your Florida trips. 

Best Prices

When you plan your Florida family vacations through direct booking online, you’ll unlock the best deals with Sanibel Vacations in addition to saving more money with special offers on specific condos and homes. When booking through a third-party platform, you may think you’re getting a better deal when in reality, you may find yourself paying hidden fees or resort fees on your Florida trips. Our pricing is straightforward and simple, so that you know what you’ll be paying when you book direct, and you can speak with our staff on the phone during the reservation process. 

No Lost Reservations

You’ll find many people complaining about third party reservations being lost once they arrive on their Florida trips. You may wonder how this happens, but the answer is quite simple. Since you’re not giving your information to the location of your stay through direct booking, things may get lost in translation. For those unfortunate travelers, it becomes the worst-case scenario on their Florida trips, and it will cost you more money in the long run. Even with today’s technology, it’s not an uncommon occurrence that happens when booking on third-party sites. When opting for direct booking online, you’ll not only avoid your personal information, such as the details of your credit card getting lost, you’ll also avoid losing your reservation for your Florida family vacations. 

Better Service

Another perk of direct booking is that you can choose the location you’d like to stay, and the service you receive during the process is incredibly informative. If you have any questions about our Florida vacation spots or rentals, our team is always standing by and will answer those questions for you before making the reservation. When booking through a travel agency online, you may find yourself getting stuck in a room or location that is less than desirable. Most third party sites don’t allow you to modify a reservation or receive any refund on cancellations. We know that life can come with twists and turns, and cancellations happen. We encourage you to read our cancellation policy before booking on our FAQ page.

Planning your Florida family vacations doesn’t have complicated, and when you book directly with Sanibel Vacations, the process will be stress-free! We strive to ensure that you have the best experience possible when planning your Florida trips with the incredible service to match. Don’t have the run around with third-party platforms when you can speak to us directly on the phone at 1-239-579-0348. Check out our Specials page to see how you can save even more money this winter and lock in the best rates on our website!