February 6th marks the Second Annual Guest Education Day and spreads awareness to #BookDirect!


You’ve seen the hash tag, but what does it mean? For vacation rental owners, #BookDirect is a movement created to help educate travelers that by booking direct you can always receive the best price guaranteed.

To avoid these service fees, visit your favorite vacation rental company’s site to see the same price — minus the fee. By booking direct, you receive the same exceptional customer service and get to keep that money in your pocket for an extra night out or for special souvenirs!

Personal Attention

While 3rd party sites like VRBO and HomeAway are major corporations with locations all over the world, booking through a vacation rental company directly leads to speaking with people who actually live at your destination! Get the best tips on where to dine, what beaches are best and specific information on the vacation rental you’ve booked.

When you book with Sanibel Vacations, get our personal emails and direct office number, so that you can easily contact us with any questions you may have! Upon arrival, meet the same staff you’ve spoken to on the phone! We are always available during your trip to Sanibel to help make this the best vacation you’ve ever had!

Get More Options When You #BookDirect

Calling into our office can often lead to things not advertised on 3rd party sites. We run special discounts, send our guests personalized emails with information about their trip and sometimes can help with specific requests, such as shorter stays or a larger discount.

At Sanibel Vacations, we take pride in making sure every guest has the best stay while visiting Sanibel, so we want to help you take advantage of all of the amenities we offer and sights to see around the island!

Looking for your next vacation? Browse our website for the best price guaranteed!

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