Sanibel Island Art Galleries

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It’s a place known for beaches, seashells, mangrove forests, and all other accouterments associated with island living. We, of course, are talking about Sanibel. This quaint and picturesque island city is the gem of southwest Florida, drawing countless visitors each year from across the globe. While Sanibel is a mecca for travelers in search of their tropical oasis, there is more to the island than sunshine and waves. Among other refined facets, Sanibel boasts a lively and well-established art scene. If you’re a lover of local art, eccentric crafts, trinkets, and rarities, then Sanibel Island is an ideal vacation destination for you. Book one of the gorgeous Sanibel Florida rentals provided by SBL Vacations and spend your days perusing through the plethora of local galleries and artist co-ops. Here are a few Sanibel Island art galleries with the best collections and selections for you to enjoy during your Gulf Coast getaway.

Sanibel Art and Frame

The first gallery on our list, Sanibel Art and Frame, features a beautiful collection of whimsical and coastal pieces. From original paintings of Sanibel’s tropical skies to limited edition prints of local landscape photography, you will find works that perfectly capture the island. Search through the gallery until you find your favorite work and take advantage of the convenient and high-quality framing service provided! With over 1,000 different frame stylings, you are sure to find the perfect match for your art.

Watson MacRae Gallery

Make your way to this ‘Sanctuary of Art’ and take in the rotating exhibit comprised of talented local artists. The season’s schedule features mediums such as ceramic sculpture, wood carving, oil painting, drawing, photography, and glass. Watson MacRae Gallery is driven by the notion that art heals, and invites you to visit and experience the unique spirit of the gallery.

Hirdie-Girdie Gallery

Hirdie-Girdie Gallery, located just minutes from our premier Sanibel Florida rentals, is another fantastic Sanibel art gallery. For over 20 years, Hirdie-Girdie has been supplying visitors and locals with visual stimulation and inspiration. Visit their website to learn more about the vast variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional offerings, as well as information on specific features artists.

Island Style Gallery

With locations in both Sanibel and Key West, Island Style Gallery is the epitome of the Florida art scene. Visit the unique display and enjoy incredible one-of-a-kind items from some of the state’s most interesting artists. The gallery plays host to a variety of collections that perfectly encompass the island vibe.

Tower Gallery

The last offering on our list, Tower Gallery, is the oldest running art gallery in Lee County. This artists’ cooperative has been providing a home for local pieces since 1982. Take a step inside the charming Florida cottage and experience an amazing piece of the Sunshine State’s art scene.

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