Stay Active: Sanibel Island Activities


For travelers staying with Sanibel Vacations, you’ll be happy to know there are many Sanibel Island activities to keep your body moving. During your Florida getaways, it’s easy to overindulge on the delicious food offered on the island, which is why stretching your legs should be part of your plan. Here are some fun ways to stay active on vacation that doesn’t necessarily involve having to find a gym! 


Sanibel Island Biking 


Start your morning with our bike rentals from SBL Outfitters as you explore one of the 22 biking trails near our Sanibel Island resorts. Even if you just want to use the bikes to avoid having to drive in the area, it will be the most relaxing way to burn some calories. Check out a few of our favorite paths to bike on our Sanibel Island Biking Guide page.


Sanibel Island Kayaking and SUP


The J. N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge offers the perfect scenic area to kayak or paddleboard and will be one of your favorite activities in Sanibel Island. The refuge is located on the north end of the island and is home to otters, turtles, wading birds, manatees as well as many other forms of sea and wildlife. Take a self-guided paddle tour from Tarpon Bay over to the Ding Darling museum where you’ll be able to escape the crowds and get your daily exercise in while on your Florida getaways! 


Scenic Walk on the Beach


Just because you’re not going for a run next to the ocean doesn’t mean that’s the only way to get a workout in on the Sanibel Island beaches. The Sanibel Stoop is a popular activity where you’ll be bent over at the waist in search of the most amazing, colorful shells on the beach. There are over 400 species of shells on the island, so you’ll want to take your time while beachcombing. Surprisingly enough you’ll notice your body may be a little sore from squatting, walking, and sifting through the many shells along the coastal shores! 


Watersport Rentals: SBL Outfitters


While staying at Sanibel Vacations, enjoy free delivery and pick from our sister company SBL Outfitters! We provide the best-priced rentals on the island to use during your stay, and you’ll be able to choose from bikes, stand up paddleboards and kayaks! To check out our rental rates, visit out SBL Shop Outfitters page online. We offer many homes with on-site pools so that you’re able to swim some laps before heading out for an exciting day exploring the Sanibel Island activities. Check out our accommodations page to go through our properties that will fit your particular needs during your stay!

When you’re ready to book your visit to our beautiful sandy paradise, give us a call at 1-239-579-0348.