The 35th Annual Luminary Festival will take place Friday, December 6th, and we could not be more excited!

Luminary is a long-standing tradition on Sanibel, filled with lots of good food, drinks, music and socializing. We invite all of our guests to visit with us at SBL Vacations!

If you’ve never been on Sanibel for Luminary, get ready to be amazed as candles and lights lead the way down Periwinkle! Stop along the way to see Santa…. if you’re on the nice list!

Each year, we fill the office with Christmas cheer with raffles, live music and costumes. Platters of snacks and complimentary beer & wine are all waiting for you! Stop by each one of the shops in Palm Ridge Plaza to get to know local business owners.

Sanibel Vacations has a wide variety of condos available for this week – all at a great price! Book your bikes with Sanibel Outfitters today to avoid traffic the night of the event!


RSVP on our Facebook page to let us know you’ll be attending!