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Activities in Sanibel Island | Best Places to Find Tasty Treats

The best part about staying with Sanibel Vacations on your Florida getaways is that there are many opportunities to find sweet treats near your stay. You won’t have to travel far to delight yourself to a delicious well-deserved vacation dessert. After all, everybody knows that the word diet goes out the window the minute you step foot on our beautiful sun-drenched island. You may find many stops near the Sanibel Island beaches; however, there are a couple of hidden gems to add to your list of things to do in Florida.

Grab a Scoop

When you’re in the mood for a creamy towering ice cream waffle cone, bowl or sundae. Love Boat Ice Cream will get the job done right! Don’t be surprised when there’s a line out the door, just be patient because it’s a scoop worth waiting for. Choose from a variety of fun flavors like red velvet cake, chocolate almond fudge, pralines and cream, or coffee oreo, and the options are seemingly endless. With so many classic and interesting options, how does one even decide which flavor to pick? The choice is made easy as you can sample before you choose and also mix and match. Once you grab your treat, sit outside at a picnic table because the portion sizes are enormous and it may get a little messy⁠— but that’s the best part!

Grab a Slice

When people think of key lime pie, they think of Florida, which is why it’s absolutely necessary to indulge in a slice while you’re on your Florida getaways. Have you ever taken a bite of something and felt as though you were taken to another world? That’s what you’ll experience when you try the key lime pie at Keylime Bistro. Take your time savoring the creamy, rich, cheesecake-textured pie with your friends because once it’s gone, you’ll wish you had more! Another local favorite for key lime pie is Gramma Dots, and they’ll even sell you a whole pie to take back to your Sanibel Island beach rentals⁠— which, of course, we recommend! 

Cozy Sanibel Island Beach Rentals


After filling your belly with some of the best sweet treats on the island, come back to your stay to unbuckle your belt and relax. Each property is equipped with a full kitchen set up so that you’ll be able to store your leftovers in the refrigerator. We promise not to judge if you periodically make your way to the kitchen to snack throughout the night! When you’ve had a long day out on your Florida getaways, enjoy the rest of your evening relaxing on the lanai or lounging on the couch! Each property comes with its own unique charm so be sure to browse through our rentals before deciding where to stay. Book online, or give us a call at 1-239-579-0348.